What Does Fire Alarm System Inspection and Testing Entail?

A full fire alarm system inspection and test is a multifaceted process covering key system components, such as the control unit, fuses, power supply, disconnect switches and many others. The NFPA has created a comprehensive checklist that outlines the specific inspection and testing requirements.

What Are The Benefits of Fire Alarm System Inspection and Testing?

In addition to meeting compliance requirements, alarm system inspection and testing provides numerous benefits, including:

  • Meeting fire insurance requirements: Your homeowner’s or business property insurance policy is likely to include a provision that mandates regular inspection of your fire alarm system. If you’re unable to display acceptable proof of testing when filing a claim, you probably won’t be covered for the damage. Some insurance companies also offer a discount for having a system inspected on at least an annual basis.
  • Minimizing legal liability: If a fire resulting in injuries does occur and your alarm system did not function properly, you could be held legally liable if it is determined you did not meet inspection and testing requirements.
  • Preventing false alarms: False alarms can pose a huge problem for fire departments that are already functioning with limited resources. Some local municipalities even assess fines to property owners when a false alarm occurs. Regular inspection and testing can minimize the likelihood of transmitting a nuisance alarm.
  • Saving lives: The most important reason to have your alarm system inspected and tested is also the same reason for installing the system in the first place: saving lives. A properly functioning system will ensure the early detection of a fire can make the difference between life and death.

Why You Need to Regularly Test & Inspect Your Fire Alarms

The only way to be sure that your fire alarm system is in peak operating condition is to have it inspected and tested on a regular basis — most system manufacturers recommend a full inspection and test at least once per year. Inspection and testing will also ensure compliance with the National Fire Protection (NFPA) 72 standards. Depending on where a structure is located, regular inspections may also be necessary to meet local fire safety requirements.

Fire System Testing & Inspection in Arizona

Many home and business owners assume that their fire alarm system is working properly and is fully protecting their structure. However, as with all mechanical devices, fire alarm systems consist of numerous parts and components that can eventually wear out and require replacement. Generally, the older your system is, the greater the chance it could fail to perform when you need it the most. And even if your system was designed and installed by an experienced, certified installation company, the actual design and installation processes are conducted by human beings who are capable of making mistakes.

Contact Titan Alarm Inc. for Fire Alarm System Testing and Inspection in Arizona

Titan Alarm Inc. is certified to perform NFPA 72-compliant fire alarm system inspections and testing in the Arizona area. We can also design and install a custom fire alarm system for your home or business. Contact us for more information today.